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Five Minute Friday: Graceful

Friday, September 07, 2012

I love Fridays! It's great to know the whole weekend stretches out in front of me waiting for fun. Friday also means I will push myself to write for five minutes without worry about being right or perfect or even correct. I am just going to write and let it be.

Five Minute Friday


Yeah, that's not really what I felt like as I pulled my super bag filled with my notebooks and such on my shoulder, followed by the diaper bag - filled with all the stuff a baby might possibly need for two full hours - I mean that's a lot of stuff right?

Then with my shoulders loaded with bags, I open the door and am greeted with "yeahs!" and ga-gas. My oldest crawling under the car seat to scramble out the door and I reach, in a very not so graceful move, to unbuckle the baby from his car seat - all the while those bags are on my shoulder - the just in case bags.

We rush in - the kids get settled in their classrooms and I move towards the large room filled with women - all smiling, all talking pleasantly with each other. They all look put together - hair done, clothes matching and accessorized. Others have those gorgeous outfits that look like they belong in the store display windows, complete with purse and shoes.

Suddenly I feel like I should have tried to find a better outfit this morning. Something that didn't scream, "I'm a mama to two energetic boys who don't allow me more than 30 minutes to shower, dress and prepare for the day." But too late now - besides I remembered to put in earrings today, huge bonus - the thought, crazy as it is, gives me a tiny boost of confidence, and I take a deep breath.

Then I walked into the room, put on my smile and think nice things - hoping that I come across graceful just like them. Thinking, they probably had a moment just like mine...

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  1. Oh yeah, I've been there myself! Being a mother is so complex and made up of a million small things that make big differences. I think that's why we feel so pulled and disheveled many times, especially with little ones. But, you're right about other women having the same moments you do. God's grace is enough to make up for what we so often lack! Thank you for sharing and good luck with your sweet babies!

  2. Oh sweet friend, we've ALL had those moments!! But as our littles grow, so do we...
    I'm sure you were more grace-ful than you felt at the moment! Blessing to you!!

  3. Girlfriend, I am right there with you! It can be so challenging not to compare ourselves to others. We need to remember that everyone has moments like yours (for me, many, many moments like that!). Many blessings to you! Hug and kiss your sweet boys!

  4. Me, too. Ha... thoughts that could come from every mother. My arms have permanent indentations from those bags and I haven't had a baby for 19 years!


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