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The Deposit Slip

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The Deposit Slip 
By Todd M. Johnson

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My husband commented as soon as he saw the jacket for the book- saying he was surprised I was going to read a legal/suspense book. To be honest, this isn't something I tend to pick up on my own, simply because I don't have much time to read, and well I want to sleep at night!  However I am really glad I read this book. It was extremely well written and helped stretch my reading as recently I've fallen into a rut.

So let's start with the description of the book:

When Jared Neaton grew tired of the shady ethics of his big law firm 
and left to go out on his own, he never expected the wheels to fly 
off so quickly. One big case collapsing on him has pushed him to the 
brink and it's all he can do to scrape by. He can't risk another bad loss.

Erin Larson is running out of options. In the wake of her father's death, 

she found a slim piece of paper--a deposit slip--with an unbelievable
 amount on it. Ten million dollars. Only the bank claims it has no record
of the deposit and stonewalls her attempts to find out more. 
This lawsuit, her last chance, has brought only intimidation and threats. 
Now she needs to convince Jared to take a risk, to help her because 
the money is real. And both need to watch their backs as digging 
deeper unleashes something far more dangerous than just threats.

I was quickly sucked in as the characters had plenty of depth. I quickly was involved in their lives and interested in what would happen. There is Jared, who's story isn't just focused on being a killer attorney, but trying to find a way to live with a past he hasn't come to terms with. That whole side of him makes him so much more interesting than just a money-thirsty-attorney. And Jessie, Jared's assistant, she quickly became one of my favorites in the book - yes she probably falls into the minor character realm, but she adds a ton of color to this book. Mrs. Huddleston, the librarian for the small community of Ashley, was a great addition. She added a ton of background for Jared, and helped to tie is some of the other characters that were needed to help build up the mystery. 

The whole mystery part was very well put together, because even though you quickly find out who did it, there are many twists that slowly emerge that keep the interest high. In fact I was a little surprised at the very end of the book, but I won't spoil it for you. 

There were some really great moments, but most of my favorites give away too much, so here are just a couple of my favorite quotes - I can't put them too much into context though, you'll just have to pick this book and read it if you are curious.

"In this universe you were either in control or you were controlled. It wasn't a moral
 issue---it was a fact of nature." (102) 
This line stuck with me because I really stopped to think about if I wasn't in control who was, and why that even matters.

"His thoughts were unmanageable and time slid away. He felt untethered. Whatever spirits had driven him the past thirteen years--through college and law school, then churning out the billable hours and trials at Paisley-- in the last twenty-four hours, they had deserted him." (268)

This little bit of thought from Jared really shows why I enjoyed his character so much - he had so much depth to him. It always makes for a great story when the main character is so round and dynamic.

Granted this isn't what I would consider a serious suspense/thriller type mystery. I mean I was able to read it and sleep just fine at night (many suspense books get into my head too much and keep me awake as I fear the dark corners... I know childish). So if you are looking for a good toe curling mystery, this might not be for you, but if you want a well written story with some twists and turns, you should consider adding this to your list.

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** I received a copy of this book for free from the publishers in exchange for an honest review. All opinions above are my own and I received no other form of payment for this review.

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  1. Looks good. If I read novels I like the legal ones. I'll have to check this one out.

    1. Then you would probably really like this one - this is the author's first book as he had been a lawyer for years - it is very well put together. Let me know if you end up reading it!

  2. Sounds very interrresting and I love a novel with characters with depth! Patsy from
    HeARTworks and

  3. I usually don't read mysteries very much either, but I do like a good legal thriller sometimes.

  4. Great post! Looks awesome!


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