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Five Minute Fridays: Connect

Friday, August 10, 2012

This is a Friday I wasn't really looking forward to... a weekend of me and the boys, just us, like an extension of the long week. But here it is and now I must dive into it and see it through. Here's hoping it goes smoothly!

And as it is Friday, that means five minutes of free writing with Lisa-Jo. So clear out 5 minutes and join the party!

Five Minute Friday


Getting married young and having kids right away was a simple recipe to set me apart from my friends from college, high school, just about everyone I knew. I wasn't worried. I mean it's my life, I only have one go round, might as well enjoy it, right? 

Then the lonely pattern began - late nights, early mornings, so many conversations about diapers, new teeth, tantrums all of which left me wondering if that college-educated brain had melted and washed away in one of my three-minute showers.

The need to connect was huge. But the fear of where to start weighed heavily. Do I go back to those friends I rushed away from in order to build my life?  Do I find a way to connect with the mommy groups at church? Do I just accept that this is life and wait for someone else to reach out to me? 

Well after some time, I dove in - called those old friends (a ton - probably annoyed many with my messages of a rambling mommy-scatter-brain) and tried for those new mommy groups of strangers. Oh the fear to connect, or rather, the fear of rejection at the attempt to connect.
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Surprisingly both groups had places for me. 

My old friends brought back the energy that I had as the me I was before I was a married mama. I wanted to feel healthy and strong and look fresh and clean. I wanted to talk about important topics with these friends and slowly rebuild that soggy-educated-brain.

My new mommy friends held a place to land after a hard day of discipline. The smiles and nods that knew my frustration. The words of joy over milestones always fill me up as share about our little ones (and not so little anymore). 

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  1. I love this! I know exactly what you mean as I have two young boys of my own, and we're preparing to move out of state in the next few weeks. The need to connect with friends is SO important.

    1. A boy-mama! So glad you shared - good luck with your move and finding those new friends

  2. I found myself in that lonely place, too, and like you -- by the grace of God -- reconnected with old friends and then some new, too. He's good to give us the community we long for!

    1. He is great at making sure we have what we need.

  3. Isn't it wonderful to find friends that you can really connect with? Such blessings. I remember when my boys were babies (they are 20 months apart) and what uplifted my heart was daily walks with two other moms in my neighborhood who also had double strollers full of blessings! :)

    1. Wow, you were truly blessed to have such great neighbor moms to share in the trenches of such a time.


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