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Mary Pickford Quote

Monday, July 09, 2012

Failure is not the falling down,
But the staying down.
~~ Mary Pickford

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  1. Hi Marissa,
    I love your quote today! It is amazing because my husband just preached a sermon yesterday morning on this issue-that we need to "get up" when we stumble because God will strengthen us and help us. When I am weak, God is strong. Thanks for posting this quote-it's right along with what God is showing me and my husband :)

    1. Hey Kathy - I have always loved this quote and I love how there are so many quotes that back up what God teaches, it helps me to circle back to Him when I find myself too much in the world

  2. Great quotes for a new week! They go along with one of my favorite scriptures "I can do all things through Christ which strengthenth me." Thanks so much! Have a great week.


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