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Five Minute Friday: Dance

Friday, June 29, 2012

I love Fridays, I wait all week for them - don't you?

And so here is my Five Minute Friday from Miss Lisa Jo - take five minutes and join us! Just write for five minutes, no editing, or worrying about impressing readers. Just write. It's a great way to let go of the week and set up your weekend

Five Minute Friday


The sounds of baby babbles

Of small bare feet running on the wood floor

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The giggles of joy

The continuous sounds of life

That is the music of my day.

As that music plays my mind races as the list is long

The chores that are waiting

The energy needed

Yet the time spending as the tickle monster is the best of my day

Then there is that moment in the day when the babbles stop

The feet are not running

The giggles are replaced with light breathing sounds from cribs and beds

That is the time when I sit back and replay the dance of the day and the stress from it all doesn't matter.

For those few moments I soak it all in - wondering how I got through the morning.

And of course, just as I'm starting feel my energy starting to make the smallest of come backs, I can hear the babbles, and the feet and giggles.

That is when the dance picks up - the quiet interlude has past and the quickstep resumes.

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  1. Oh yes....such a beautiful picture of motherhood.

  2. Love those words Marissa! Erin is is a beautiful picture of motherhood. T

    Thanks for visting my place today and helping me remember who sang Life's a Dance!:)

  3. I can sense your love for motherhood in your writing. Precious!
    Thanks for sharing!


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