When our story lives on...

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

In Memory of Mandy Kelly... When our Story Lives on...

Our lives tell a story... on some level, we all know that. And maybe on some level we also know that there will be an end to our story someday... but do we ever really acknowledge that detail?

My story crossed into Mandy Kelly's story maybe six years back. We were part of a team of bloggers writing on a small encouragement blog with a few other contributors. As blogging moms and wives we shared our hearts, or joys, or struggles with each other, and our readers. But mostly we grew as friends in a field that can be lonely.

Writing is a lonely job. Writing on an internet platform is also a lonely job. So when you come across some kindred spirits you latch on.

Mandy and I connected over adoption... as I know so many others did. But I connected with her because I am an adopted child. I wasn't adopting a child.  I would share comfort from a child of an adoptive family, remind her of the journey God was taking her on... and she shared so much of her faith and patience through the process.

I was honored to share a small segment of my story on her corner a few years back. But I was even more honored to be able to call her my friend.

It is easy for us to forget that behind the words on the screens of these little blogs and websites are actual people. People who have families, hopes, dreams... People who are journeying through this life that is not indefinite.

Many of you already know, Mandy tragically died in a house fire last week with her husband and two of her kids. Two of her kids survived. The heartbreak is too big for words.

In Memory of Mandy Kelly... When our Story Lives on... Quote from CS Lewis

Instead of trying to add my own insignificant words, I'm going to share some hers. Below are a few of my favorites of hers - take a moment to read them when you can.

  • What is Quiet Time?
    • This post shares just how real Mandy was with all of her followers on life and time with God. There is no doubt that she is now sitting with Jesus at the feast.
  • Redeeming Mother's Day
    • Mandy was one hundred percent candid about her journey through adoption, and this post is powerful...
  • A Mother's Ponderings
    • The love Mandy portrayed towards her child was genuine... and she never kept it a secret where that kind of love was supplied to her
  • 8 Ways to Teach Your Children Diligently
    • Mandy was a beloved member of the Good Morning Girls team, and as such has some wonderfully useful posts on how to parent.... but this one shows just where her heart grew from. 

In Memory of Mandy Kelly... When our Story Lives on...
If you feel moved to help out the Kelly family, feel free to click on this image, it will direct you to their church, you can give through that site - follow the "give" link.

Mandy, you will forever be missed here on this broken earth. Yet, your boldness to share your faith, heart, and journey will live on and with the grace of God, it will continue to bless countless more.

Maybe take a moment today, and consider how your story is being written...

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  1. What a beautiful way to honor Mandy by sharing her words!!!! And, as an adoptive mother myself, I know you were a HUGE blessing to her as I am sure you answered many of her questions. :)

    I knew Mandy from Good Morning Girls and we, too, had talked about adoption as well as marrying men that already had children and adopting his as our own. Our stories are so so similar.

    She was a blessing to so many!! And through the incredible thing we call internet, her words and videos will continue to encourage so many of us for years to come!!!

    Thank you for sharing this!!

    Mrs U

    1. She truly was a wonderfully faithful woman, I'm glad so many were touched by her

  2. I love that you shared links to your favorite Mandy posts! Great idea and a lovely tribute to her.

    1. She wrote some wonderful posts, I hope you enjoyed them

  3. I didn't know Mandy personally but saw her name in posts in the Christian Blogger Community. Thanks for sharing your connection with her and some of her posts you love. I've started looking out for her posts on her Worshipful Living site and will be intentional about sharing them. Started yesterday. She'll be greatly missed but, like you said, her story, and I might add her inspired words, live on. Thanks for sharing once again.

    1. I hope are encouraged by her words

  4. Mandy's story has touched me deeply, even thought I didn't know her like you. The story of her life is achingly beautiful. In light of her passing, I've definitely been thinking about the kind of story I will leave behind. Thank you for giving us all something to ponder.

    1. I think she would be happy we are using this tragedy to refocus our lives

  5. This is a beautiful tribute. I also felt connected to Mandy over adoption. She has a beautiful spirit!

    1. Her spirit was amazing - I'm glad you connected with her over adoption it was so important to her

  6. The tragedy of Mandy and her family is heartbreaking. I didn't know her as well as you, but I loved her blog posts. Like you mentioned, they were always real yet so Biblically sound. I love that you pointed out that she is now sitting at the feet of Jesus! And, also that we will all one day leave this earth, one way or another, for our eternal home. What legacy are we leaving?


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