Peace for a Lifetime... A Sneak Peek

Saturday, March 05, 2016

Welcome to Sneak Peek Saturday on Reading List! 

Sneak Peek Saturday on Reading List  a glimpse into what I am reading currently

Current book:

Peace for a Lifetime: Embracing a Life of Hope, Wholeness & Harmony Through Emotional Abundance

Lisa Murray

Peace for a Lifetime by Lisa Murray a Sneak Peek on Reading List

Sneak Peek:

"One of the most important indicators of Emotional Abundance is the ability to delay gratification. This can be hard to find in our culture of I see it, I want it, I want it now, yet being able to delay gratification is a top predictor of success. People who are able to pay the price today and delay rewards for their efforts are going to make healthy choices physically, emotionally, financially, relationally, and spiritually."  p 9

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Here are some rules if you decide to join in:

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Marissa at Reading List

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Thursday, March 03, 2016

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My favorite link from last week was by Emily from Mommy's Not Perfect: 10 Easter Craft Ideas for Kids.  She shares some great ideas for crafts - I can't wait to try a couple with my kids, as I am still not brave enough to dye eggs.
10 Easter Craft Ideas for Kids  A feature on The Cozy Reading Spot on Reading List

Most Popular

The most popular link from last week was by Lydia from Journey of the Word: Sermon Notes that Rhyme.  Lydia shares some amazing poetry her friend Tammy wrote - you will want to check them out if you missed it last week.  
Sermon Notes that Rhyme  a Feature on The Cozy Reading Spot on Reading List

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Creating God Space in My Little Corner

Wednesday, March 02, 2016

Creating a Little God Space

Here in Reading List

Last week I shared a reflection that came from Doug Pollock's God Space.  I discussed how the book pushes Christians to rethink how they approach evangelism.  If you missed it, please stop over and check it out. Today I want to expand on this topic and share how this little blog is going to change slightly.

Let me start with apologizing because this is going to focus quite a bit on my own thoughts, which are often hard to read - especially if you don't know me or care about this little corner of the internet. I am hoping to share one more post a week from now that will challenge you.

Creating a Little God Space in Reading List

Since I completely agree on every level that in order to truly have the privilege of sharing my faith with a not-yet-believer I have to earn the right to share it, in fact, I have to keep on earning that right, the only thing I can do is make relationships with people who are not-yet believers.  I have to be deliberate about picking out the people I spend my time with, the places I go, and the events of the world I know about in order to take steps that will lead me into these relationships.

I’ve been doing some serious praying, meditation and pondering on this topic - I worked through God Space initially last summer - and I am just now starting to voice my thoughts in this tiny little corner of the world…

And for me, I cannot allow myself to only read Christian books or listen to Christian music.  Do not hear me wrong, there are some awesome books and songs out there from Christians that are not “old-fashioned” or traditional gospel-y types. I am also not jumping all into the ways of the world, lest I fall back into the chains which Christ set me free from. I will have to spend time daily with my Lord and Savior in order to renew my mind.

...assuming that you have heard about him and were taught in him, as the truth is in Jesus,... and to be renewed in the spirit of your minds... Ephesians 4:21 & 23

No, I am simply living my life, in the time and place God put me in, fully aware of those who are still searching for the answers their souls long for.

In the process of seeking out my natural group of not-yet-believers, I started to realize that there are aspects of my life that lent themselves perfectly for starting up authentic dialogs with people on topics that were not obviously religious.  I have a real love for words - that is why I love to read so much! Not just words in stories, though, I love words in music just as much.  So while I sought the Lord’s direction in opening up my little safe bubble, He kept pointing out secular books and songs that screamed of the artists’ desire to know Him and they had no clue He was what they were searching for. Songs where the artist's own soul was crying out to God in the midst of their hurt, longing, dreaming, or hoping.  Stories full of characters searching for something more, something better, something deeper to live for.

He has planted eternity in the human heart   Ecc 3:11

As those saved by Jesus, who know the work of God, we can see what others are searching for, even while they refuse to acknowledge they are actually looking for God.  We know this because we have been told that God has put a longing for eternity, for Him, in each human heart. (Ecc 3:11)

How is this going to look for me now?

Clearly, the books I have been sharing here on Reading List have already started to show this shift in my stance. I have started picking up books that interest me and are not always Christian for two specific reasons.

One, I am reading them now, knowing that no matter the actual point of the story, on some level the author had a wondering question that he or she will try to work out in the story, and most likely won’t be able to answer.


Because God is the answer to what they are searching for.

Two, when I can see the world through the eyes of a not-yet-believer from a song or a book, it can remind me how life was without knowing God. This allows for true compassion for those who might need to think through some wondering questions. Also, once I have thought through some of the wondering questions in books and songs, I feel more prepared when similar questions come up in my actual conversations.

There will be (and have been) times when I can share a book or song with a not-yet-believing friend and bring up the wondering questions to see what they think.  I have found most people are more than willing to discuss a current book, author, song or artist because it removes a level of the personal. Then I can see if the ground is ready for a new seed, or just leave the question in the air until the Spirit moves.

Other times, my friends will bring up a wondering question on their own, and having walked through the question in fiction or music, I feel more confident in walking the path of wondering with them. . It’s a wonderfully smooth path to that back door.

Either way, I am making the decision to continue to live in this world, to remember what the broken world can feel like when there is no real Comforter to lean on, and to diligently seek out a chance to leave seeds for the Spirit to nurture.  Because deep down every single person is longing to return to the God that created them, that loves them, that has chosen them. And I simply would like to be a small stone that is part of their path.

What are you searching for in life? Do you wonder about the big questions? #CreatingGodSpace @Reading_List1

When was the last time you saw the longing of a not-yet-believer in their words, wishes, and hopes?  Do you listen to songs written by not-yet-believers? Do you read books by those who claim there is no god? Do your friends and family?

Marissa @ Reading List

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Children's Corner

Three Splendid Books to Read Aloud

Tuesday, March 01, 2016

Three Splendid Books to Read Aloud

For those not so little kids in your life

Are you like me with children who are too old for quick board books at story time?  Have you started to realize that there are a ton of great books out there, but not many are quick enough for those bedtime story sessions?  I mean, I'd love to read for an hour each day for each child, but that just isn't possible - mostly because when I read aloud, my voice gets scratchy and tired, or my eyes start drooping like it's the middle of the night (even if it's only two in the afternoon). 

Parents tend to realize that reading aloud to their kids is a huge help when it comes to growing their intelligence. Not to mention it can be fun!  I recently shared a great post about how much reading aloud to your kids helps them.  But again, there are only so many times in a week I can read a Dr. Seuss book.  And what are we supposed to do when our kiddos get older and need more engaging, complex books?

Hey! Listen to This by Jim Trelease  a Children's Corner feature on Reading List

Before you start scouring the library or your favorite book store for some options, why not check out some collections of stories specific put together to read aloud?

Sound too good to be true?   It's not!

Years ago I was introduced to Jim Trelease and his collection of read-aloud stories for kids in Hey! Listen to This: Stories to Read Aloud**.  And it is one of a few books that I refuse to ever let go of.  

Parents, you will love this collection because it is full of classics that just might flash you back to your childhood.  Homeschooling parents, this is a fun tool to introduce new authors and stories because each story is prefaced with some history of the story, or the author, or how the story came about.  It's a great starting place.  Kids will love this collection because there are so many options - stories about animals, school, food, fairy tales...  

Many of the stories are printed in completion, but there are also a bunch where only the first chapter or two are shared.  This way you can get a glimpse of the book with your kiddos and decide it if it worth checking out the big book from the library. For example, there is a great section of Mr. Popper's Penguins to help introduce your kids to the fun. Or maybe the first chapter of Ozma of Oz to help see if your family might want to jump into the fantasy world created by Baum.   How about a selection from Aladdin and the Wonderful Lamp?  Or even Where the Red Fern Grows?  

All together there are 48 different stories you can get a taste of in Hey! Listen to This: Stories to Read Aloud.  Oh, and there are a couple other options depending on what you need with your kids.

The greatest goal in education quote.... A Children's Corner on Reading List

About the Book - Amazon's summary

"A splendidly thoughtful selection...Trelease welcomes everyone in with wide embrace."—Washington Post Book World. 48 read-aloud selections ideal for parents and teachers to share with children ages five through nine.

Title: Hey! Listen to This: Stories to Read Aloud
Author: Jim Trelease
Publisher: Penguin Books
Publication Date: May 1992
For ages: 5 + (younger if your chid is used to listening to books for at least 10 minutes at a time)
Type: Literature, Fiction, Short Stories

"The greatest goal in education is for children to love to read." #ReadAloud @Reading_List1

Here are a few ways to make read aloud time more fun for your slightly older kids 

  1. Create a fun reading spot for your kids, maybe they will let you in to read to them!
  2. Or here is another option for more of a fairy princess reading spot.
  3. Just in case you are hoping to engage your child in really listening, you might want to try these fun reading comprehension sheets
  4. Since there are so many creative souls out there, here is another option for worksheets on reading comprehension and recall.
  5. Bookmarks can be a great way to keep your kid interested in longer books - help your kiddo create one of these silly big nose monster bookmarks.
  6. How about these fun book marks with buttons if monsters aren't cool at your house. 

Do you still read aloud with your kids?  What kind of books do your school-aged kids read? Do you read them too?

Marissa on Reading List

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***Image from jana_koll

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All Things Books: February Round-Up

Monday, February 29, 2016

All Things Books

February Collection

"In books I have traveled, not only to other worlds, but into my own." (Anna Quindlen) 

Does that quote catch your eye?  When was the last time you got to travel anywhere? The day-to-day responsibilities can fill us so quickly we no long realize how much time is passing.  We get stuck in a rut.  Travel, for many, can wake us up to the reality of the world - that we are not the only ones here. We can learn about ourselves simply by being aware of the size we are in comparison to the world.

All Things Books February Collection a Book round up on Reading List

Now here we are at the end of another month.  February has sped by - and in the middle of winter,  we can get lost in the mundane of it all. Were you able to travel to a new world this month?  Maybe you were able to become reacquainted with your own world... Maybe you found something new in your own world.

Just like last month, I have been coming across some great posts from others that have helped to uncover new destinations for me in the world of books.  In case you are wanting some quick reads, some new perspectives or even just some new suggestions for books to read, I would love to share them with you.

Please consider seeing yourself as a lover of books, a join in the goal of finding a book you love each month this year.

February's Collection

  1. Andrea Bates put together quite the list of must read books over on the SITS Girls. She claims these 12 books are must reads for 2016.  You might just find your next favorite book on her list. 
  2. There is something about February that makes it harder for me to do the extras with my kids - probably because of the winter... This article, from the Literacy Site, is one of my favorites one why reading to my kids is not an extra, but a vital part of their lives. 
  3. The Reading Room recently shared the People's Choice Awards for the top books of 2015 - there are fiction, non-fiction, crime & mystery, YA, fantasy, and romance in this first offical list from the People's Choice Awards.  These are the books you will see right away in your favorite book stores, might as well check some of them out, right?
  4. After sharing about my in-between-reader, I have heard from a few of you whose kids have simply fallen out of love of reading.  So I felt like this would be the perfec time to share What (Not) to Do When Your Child Falls Out of Love with Books from KateyWrites. Her humorous wisdom is sure to at least brighten your outlook on your child while you support his decision.
  5. And because two is always better than one, here is some advice from Sara Dennis from Classically Homeschooling - her Top 10 Elementary Reading Tips
  6. Since February is full of love and romance, there were a ton of great marriage books flaunted this month... but this one from Hannah was my favorite collection: 5 Books to Help Grow Your Marriage.
  7. Since it is still winter, we might as well take the time to find a good book to cozy up with right?  Ignore the spring cleaning lists a little longer with me, no?  I find myself on her tumblr often - if you want to lose a few minutes check out Books direct...

I hope you found a thing or two from that list that caught your eye, maybe you could reserve a book at your library, or add to your Goodreads to-read list.   If you want some encouragement as you find books you love, please join our group on Goodreads, we'd love to be there as you fall in love with books.  

"In books I have traveled, not only to other worlds, but into my own.."  #AllThingsBooks @Reading_List1

What was your favorite from the round-up?  What would you add?  Is there something you want to see in March's round-up?

Leave me a note about anything to do with your book choices from February!

Marissa @ Reading List

**If you have a great resource for a book, a genre, or anything to do with books, let me know!  You are always welcome to share your posts on Thursdays here, but if you want to point me to a great resource, leave a comment, or shoot me a note.  I love hearing from you!

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