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Compulsion... A Sneak Peek

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Welcome to Sneak Peek Saturday on Reading List! 

Sneak Peek Saturday on Reading List  a glimpse into what I am reading currently

Current book:

Compulsion: Heirs of Watson Island

Martina Boone

Compulsion by Marina Boone a Sneak Peek on Reading List

Sneak Peek:

" He had the whole good-guy thing down to an art; Barrie had to hand it to him. He walked beside her without pressing her, as if he knew she needed space, as if he knew exactly what she needed. Which probably meant he wasn't a good guy at all." p 48

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Marissa at Reading List

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Cozy Reading Spot #114

Thursday, October 15, 2015

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Book review

Prodigy: A Book Review

Wednesday, October 14, 2015


Marie Lu

Book series are all the rage.  I have heard people say this is a new thing, but I'm not so sure.  As a kid I was all about a good series, I mean what kid didn't like Nancy Drew, or The Boxcar Children?

I am guessing book series are popular because as people we want to build relationships with other people.  And while a book follows fictional characters, we feel like we are becoming friends with the characters in good book series, because we get to glimpse more of their stories the longer the series goes on.

In my opinion, a good series needs great characters we want to know about, a setting that is believable (at least to a degree), and a slow build up in details of the bigger picture of their world.

Last week I introduced Marie Lu's Legend series, and this is a series that totally held up to my hopes for a great collection of books.

Prodigy by Marie Lu  A Book Review on Reading List

Story Overview 

Prodigy (Legend)** continues to follow June and Day as they decide to team up with the Patriot rebels in hopes of saving the country from a new elector.  Tess grows to a new level of interest in this story as she steps up and takes more risks.  The tension surrounding the rebels, the plague, the Colonies, and the rest of the country & world is tripled in this second book of the series.

Day's motivation stems directly from a strong need to care for his family.  June is struggling to deal with the information she found from Metias and being betrayed by the military she grew up trusting like family.  The two have deep personal struggles that cannot be truly pushed down while the country rocks with turmoil and strife. 

Personal Likes

Again, the characters in this story grab you.  You want to know what is going to happen, how their desires for revenge, justice, and freedom will move them forward, and which sides are the right sides to pick. Marie Lu is talented when it comes to creating characters that are deep and complex.  She doesn't disappoint with the plot, pace, setting or conflicts. 

There is a love triangle that becomes very evident in this second book - yes there were hints in the first, but...- which usually isn't my thing.  They are mushy and over the top. Since the characters are so well developed, it isn't that bad, in fact it adds so much to the story line.  It was a nice change to see that in a book.

I was also glad that June continued to contemplate how to react to the information she found on Metia's website in the first book.  She is smart, and while the circumstances are demanding action, she takes time to think about it and really analyze what her brother wanted.  

Quote from Prodigy by Marie Lu on Reading List

Personal Dislikes

There was a quite a bit more violence in this second book, probably because the rebels are a central part of this book.  And yes, I know that violence is part of this genre, but it felt like there were some scenes that were there for the violence factor more than the story line.  But then again, that could be simply because I am not that into it.

While I hinted at it in the last book review,  the same-sex attraction/relationship became more prominent in this book.  Personally I didn't have an issue with this at all, but I know some who would. It was interesting to see how June dealt with it.

Reasons to Read

This is an amazingly well put together story.  For those of you who are looking for a quick moving book that is well developed and will hold your attention, I cannot recommend this series enough.  In fact, if you give it a try, grab all three books, because you will want to move straight on after you finish one.

This is certainly for those fans of Marie Lu, action book, science fiction/dystopian worlds and the like.

Reading List Rating

Five heart rating on Reading List

I have to give this book a five heart rating.  I would read it again and again if time were not an issue, and a list of books I want to read for the first time that wasn't a mile long...  It was very entertaining. 

My Suggested Audience

I suggest that while this is a YA/Teen book, that teens be around fifteen/sixteen as there are some mature scenes - there are love scenes (nothing too much more than a typical teen book), violence, same-sex relationships, betrayal on a government level, political games, biological warfare... all topics that need a mature mind to comprehend.

Like I said with Legend, this should not be a teen only book, adults will be pulled into this world just as completely.

"...All it takes is one generation to brainwash a population..." #Prodigy @Marie_Lu @Reading_List1

How do you feel about books, movies, etc, that put same-sex relationships in the fold just like our society does? Do you shy away? Do you accept it as another characteristic to describe people?  Would you keep your kids from reading it?

I'd love to hear from you, please leave me a little note!

Marissa @ Reading List

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Children's Corner

Fun October Themed Books to Read to Your Kids

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

10 Fun October Books to Read to Your Kids

We love October in my family.  The leaves are changing colors and falling to the ground allowing my kiddos a satisfactory crunch with every step.  The temperature changes, so they get to wear new clothes, new hats (well new to them), shoes and jackets.  The stores add to the thrill by promoting every single holiday for the next three months. 

With all the excitement and the speed of life picking up, I tend to retreat more into the calming effects of reading time with my kids.  We have found that when we curl up with some books, the stresses of life, the business, fades away and even my youngest seems to be rejuvenated.

So I figured you all might be interested in some of our favorites this October.

October Themed Books to Read to Kids   A Feature on Children's Corner on Reading List

  1. It's Pumpkin Day, Mouse; by-Laura Numeroff   This book is just adorable!  Plus it helps to teach emotion to our kids, which is essential especially with young kids who are still learning enough words to tell us adults what they feel.
  2. Pumpkin Day, Pumpkin Night; by- Anne F Rockwell   This is a super simple read for the youngest kids in your group.  It follows a kid who goes to get a pumpkin from the patch and carves it.  It's quick, simple and cute.
  3. A Pumpkin for Pooh; by- Frank Berrios, Disney    What can I say, we love a Disney themed book over here.  As a bonus this book is all about sharing.
  4. Trick or Treat Little Critter: by- Gina Mayer, Mercer Mayer    The Little Critter stories are always fun, great vocabulary builders. They also have many words per page and illustration which allows us to start teaching some reading comprehension. This particular story  also teaches sharing, and loyalty of family.
  5. Cars The Spooky Sound; by- Melissa Lagonegro  This is an easy reader book.  Since I have a first grader we are trying to move to allowing him to read to the younger kids some.  While stretching his vocabulary, it shows that sometimes we just need to look closer instead of being scared.
  6. It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown!  by- Charles M Schulz   This one is simply a classic.  We have been reading it so that when the movie is on TV later this month we can make a movie night out of it.  Plus with the new Peanuts movie hitting the big screen this holiday season, we are going to have some young fans!
  7. J is for Jack'O' Lantern; by- Denise Brennan-Nelson    This adorable book has a rhyme for each letter for the season of autumn, as well as fun facts for each autumn item that is featured (pumpkins, autumn, Halloween)
  8. Five Little Pumpkins; by- Iris Van Rynbach   This story was a song I learned in preschool, and it has stuck with me all these years.  So my kids were all about the song and finger play that I could do along with the story.  Plus I am always for a counting book.
  9. The Little Old Lady Who Was Not Afraid of Anything; by- Linda Williams     Again we are enjoying this book as it is growing the vocabulary of my young reader.  It has a part that is repeated and added on to as the story goes on, which adds new words to challenge yet keeps confidence up with the repeating parts.  It's a fun story too, about being brave and resourceful.
  10. Froggy's Halloween; by- Jonathan London      This is simply a fun silly book that keeps my kiddos giggling and laughing as Froggy figures out what costume to wear for the school Halloween parade

And because I have one more that I simply love, but my kids don't realize it's a story book, I'm giving you all a BONUS:

    11. Fall Walk; by- Virginia Brimhall Snow  This book has a cute little poem that goes throughout the story, but I love it because each page has a different tree, and an enlarged leaf to help you know which leaf belongs to which tree.  I never really cared to learn the names of trees, but as my kids ask more questions, it's nice to have some answers.  Plus the back of the book gives tips on drying leaves you find on nature walks and then doing leaf rubbings.  Love a book with activities!

Children who read can fly   William James... quote on Reading List

What October themed books do you read with your kiddos?

Marissa on Reading List

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