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Saturday, July 18, 2015

Welcome to Sneak Peek Saturday on Reading List! 

Sneak Peek Saturday on Reading List  a glimpse into what I am reading currently

Current book:

Astonish Me
By Maggie Shipstead

Sneak Peek:

"He wants so badly to satisfy and delight Joan in all possible ways and to be a good father to Harry that he is not certain there should be space left over for wanting a beer or solitude. Or freedom, which is unmistakenly a thing of the past."  p 41

Sneak peek at Astonish Me by Maggie Shipstead on Reading List

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Thursday, July 16, 2015

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Book review

The One: A Book Review

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Does it surprise you that book number three of The Selection Series is what I'm reviewing today? Last week I shared my thoughts on The Elite and the week before The Selection... So yep, I'm working my way through the whole thing!

There were many who did not seem to enjoy The Elite as much as The Selection, and I'm guessing they never moved on to finish the series.  And that, in my opinion, is a shame.  The One was a wonderful third book for this trilogy (although there is another part of the series, this was clearly meant to be a trilogy.).

The One by Kiera Cass  Book three of the Selection Series  A book review on The Reading List

Story Overview

The One by Kiera Cass is the third book in The Selection Series.  This book is the perfect wrap up to the first two books in the series. These three books read as a typical trilogy, so while there is a fourth book now out, and rumors of a fifth, for this series, it was obvious that this was originally going to be a trilogy.

In this third book we follow America Singer as the selection process gallops towards a finale. Prince Maxon has narrowed down the girls and is making his final decisions.  However, America is still struggling with her affections for Aspen, who is now a guard in the palace. Just in case the love triangle this presents is not enough to keep you turning pages, the attacks from the rebels intensify throughout the book.

King Clarkson is very open in that he wants his son to make a suitable decision quickly. Of course Prince Maxon seems completely entranced by America, but in her fashion of acting before thinking she allows some of her feelings for Aspen to show at the worst possible moments.  Before we can even find out what that means for America and how the whole competition will end, the palace is invaded...

Needless to say this is one book that is a great read. 

Personal Likes

The One was the perfect ending to the trilogy of The Selection.  Cass pulled so many story lines to a close in this series so that when the book was finally over I was not completely devastated. Granted I was more than excited to hear that although it was intended to be only a trilogy, there would be another edition, The Heir.

Like I mentioned in the The Elite review last week, there is something about a book series that has many different turns, twists and surprises in the journey to the end of the story.  While the series is obviously chick lit for teenage readers, which usually means we know how the story will end, I was shocked with the last few chapters.  Without giving it all way, my heart broke at how Cass wrapped the whole thing up.

I appreciated that in this book the reader got more of a glimpse of the job of being a royal.  So often, like America, we all assume there is no work involved when one is born with a regal title.  This story did a good job of removing that barrier and showing the work that Prince Maxon, Queen Amberly and King Clarkson did in order to keep peace in their country- yes I realize this is a fiction, but still...

The One book three of The Selection by Kiera Cass  Reviewed on The Reading List

Personal Dislikes

Just like in real life, the character of America Singer did not evolve nearly as much as I would have liked. She was throughout the entire three book series an emotional teenager who was more naive than she could ever admit. As a result this means that many of America's attitudes and thoughts were frustrating for me to read, I just wanted to reach in a shake her.  She was overly spirited and never cautious of what her words and actions did to those around her.  Of course, looking on this as an adult, I can see how true to life this really is.

Reasons to Read

As I said in other reviews of The Selection, if you read the first one, you have to keep going.  Cass has done a marvelous job of creating a world full of characters that grab you.  If you are slightly into fairy tales, princesses, fashion, or The Bachelor, then this is a series you're going to like.  If you are a fan of competition shows and books this is for you.  If you are a fan of dystopian stories that are not quite a graphic as The Hunger Games, this is for you.

If you are a fan of romantic comedy movies, this is also the series that you might want to pick up. This series is fun, and quick to read, so if you are looking for a fun read, then I highly recommend this one.

Reading List Rating

Five heart rating on Reading List

I have to give this book a five heart rating because it was a wonderful ending to the original series. Cass does an amazing job of building characters and bringing their world to life.  It's a great talent that so many books are missing.

My Suggested Audience

The whole series is written for teenage girls.  And I agree, this is the perfect series for a teenage girl. I'd say at least fifteen, as there are scenes that are not PG and hint at PG-13 in the intimacy levels and there was quite a bit of violence, although not gory, but still. I would say that all of the scenes were well written and needed to advance the story. Also, in this book especially, there are some violent scenes that could effect those readers that invest their heart in the characters they read about.

That leads me to parents of teenage girls... if your daughter is reading these books, pick them up and join her.  It's the perfect opening for discussions that might be too hard to start otherwise.

When you read a really good book, do you find yourself relating to the characters like friends? Does your heartbreak when something happens to a character you love?

I'd love to hear from you, please leave me a little note!

Marissa @ Reading List

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Butterfly books and crafts for kids

Butterflies: Children's Corner

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Children's Corner

In an effort to continue learning throughout the summer, my kids have been picking some non-fiction books from the library on a topic of their choice.  This has lead to some fascinating learning moments for us!

Children's Corner on Reading List

Recently my boys have been interested in butterflies - more specifically, they are into the process of caterpillars becoming butterflies. So it only stands to reason that during a recent trip to the library butterflies were the topic of choice.

Butterfly books on Reading List as part of Children's Corner

It's a Butterfly's Life  by Irene Kelly

About the Book

This little book is full of information on butterflies. It discusses the anatomy of butterflies and how they eat and smell and see. There are many different butterflies pictured with their names. It goes through the life cycle of the butterfly eggs, hatching, growing, chrysalis and butterfly.  There are pages that discuss their enemies and their defense mechanisms.  For a child's book it is informative. 

Why We Like It

My oldest was into this book because of all the different named and pictured butterfly species.  My youngest loved how each page was laid out in different configurations - there was text in curves and corners. I enjoyed it because it was easily read in one sitting.

We all learned some great new facts which is always a win. 

Title: It's a Butterfly's Life
Author: Irene Kelly
Publisher:  Holiday House
Publication Date: April 15, 2007
For ages: 7+ (younger kids would enjoy looking and listening to this one)
Type: Non Fiction

Butterfly books on Reading List as part of a Children's Corner

My, Oh My-- a Butterfly!  All About Butterflies  By Tish Rabe

About the Book

As part of The Cat in the Hat's Learning Library, this one draw attention to little readers.  The pictures are full of the famous cat and his two things. The prose is in rhyming patterns and therefore it's a quick read.  Impressively, this book is also full of educational details on the beautiful creatures that flutter by and attract kids of all ages

Why We Like It

The Cat in the Hat seems to be a popular teacher for my three year old currently, so it was a no brain-er to grab this little book. He loved hearing many of the same facts from the other butterfly book in this more lyrical book.  He was captivated by the images and silly style of the Cat.

I really appreciated how informative it was, which was evident after reading the more structured book. This would a be a great book for your littlest ones who are attracted to butterflies this summer. 

Title: My, Oh My-- a Butterfly!  All About Butterflies
Author: Tish Rabe
Illustrator: Aristides Ruiz & Joe Mathieu
Publisher:  Random House Children's books
Publication Date: March 27, 2007
For ages: 4-8 years old (younger kids will be drawn to the familiar pictures)
Type: Non Fiction

Butterfly Craft ideas

Since I am trying to keep the learning mentality going, we have tried a few of the great butterfly crafts that Pinterest has to coincide with butterfly books!

  1. Easy paper roll butterfly craft - great for kids two and up (can use stickers or glue on shapes
  2. Fun paper plate butterflies - great craft for kids 10 and younger
  3. Flying Butterfly Craft - super quick project for kids as young as two
  4. Beautiful 3-D Butterfly Art - this multi-step project would be great for older kids and younger kids alike
  5. Milk Jug Butterfly Project - this craft is a fun option for older kids, 8 and up - of course mom can help younger kids do parts as well
Stop by the Reading List Children's Corner board on Pinterest to find all of these ideas and more from previous weeks. 

What about you and your kids?  Are you into sitting to find butterflies around? Any special projects you have planned simply because your kids are interested?

Marissa on Reading List

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