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Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Alright I admit it,  I am a Disney fan. In fact, my husband might be rolling his eyes at this one, because he would probably put me more into the Disney addict category.  Fair enough.  As a result, my boys have also taken on a great interest in all things Disney - granted, I don't push princesses on them... that can wait for a little girl!

The best thing is that Disney has put out a ton of different books and stories with their popular cartoon characters as the subjects of stories that are not also movies.  And of course, for us, that means more reasons to read!

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So for today's Children's Corner selection, I've decided to share one of our (alright, mine) favorite bedtime books:  Disney Bedtime Favorites (Story Collection).  

Disney Bedtime Favorites      Children's Corner- review  {Reading List}

This is a great book for my boys because the pictures are of some of their favorite Disney characters, while the stories are completely new. As a result they are interested in hearing new stories that involve their favorites.  I love this particular bedtime book because each story is fairly quick to read, but totally engaging. I'm also glad that even though some of the princesses are included in the variety of stories, many of the stories are more gender neutral, and as a boy mama, that is important!

As this is designed as a bedtime story book, these stories can easily be read in about five minutes.  For us that means each boy gets to pick out his own story inside the book, or mommy gets to pick one, and the boys can pick out different books.  Either way, everyone is always pleased!

Some of our favorites right now include the stories focused on Toy Story, Monsters, Inc, Peter Pan and Winnie-the-Pooh.  Luckily the 19 different options keep this one fresh. 

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I would recommend this book to families who enjoy Disney stories and movies!  However, if your child doesn't like to sit still for longer stories, you might want to wait on this one as there are many words on each page, which allow for so many stories in book.  But then again, when you are reading about a child's favorite character, you can sometimes get away with longer periods of sitting still reading time.  So have your little grab his favorite stuffed Disney animal and cozy up!

Are you kids Disney fans?  Are you?  What book is on your kid's bedside table this week?  Join the conversation, I'd love to hear from you!
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*If you are considering adding this book to your home library, would you think of using my affiliate link below and support Reading List in the process?  Thank you!

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