Rays of Grace & Joy: January Feature

Wednesday, January 01, 2014

I am so extremely excited to share this blog with you as the January feature:  Looking at Rays of Grace & Joy is my newest blog! After stretching my comfort level with blogging over the past year I came to the point where I had to decide what to do with Reading List. And instead of letting go, I decide to expand.

I have loved writing more personal posts on Reading List this past year - posts that are not focused on just what I'm reading. And I received plenty of feedback that others enjoyed them as well. And so as a result, Looking at Rays of Grace & Joy was born.

Rays of Grace & Joy {Reading List}

The hope is that Reading List will continue to have weekly book reviews, glimpses into children's books, and the Cozy Reading Spot - I mean let's face it, once a reader, always a reader.

But as a mom, my world is ever changing and the blogging community is very supportive to mommies right now (at least most of you are!). So it only seemed natural to expand my writing on such topics that are my reality as a mom.

Rays of Grace & Joy is going to focus on my personal writing and encouragement for other moms, at myself, as we struggle to be moms in the trenches of reality.

That being said, as far as my social media world, you will find links to both blogs now through the Reading List links (they will slowly change and evolve with me I'm sure). But if you enjoy reading my personal posts, take a moment and check out Rays of Grace & Joy to follow along this year!
Marissa {Reading List}

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