Rays of Grace & Joy: January Feature

Wednesday, January 01, 2014

I am so extremely excited to share this blog with you as the January feature:  Looking at Rays of Grace & Joy is my newest blog! After stretching my comfort level with blogging over the past year I came to the point where I had to decide what to do with Reading List. And instead of letting go, I decide to expand.

I have loved writing more personal posts on Reading List this past year - posts that are not focused on just what I'm reading. And I received plenty of feedback that others enjoyed them as well. And so as a result, Looking at Rays of Grace & Joy was born.

Rays of Grace & Joy {Reading List}


Reading List Looks Back on 2013

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Every year I read through as many books as time allows.

Many years I only read books I've never read before, but this year I wanted to reread many of my favorites. So I spent a vast amount of my reading time reading some of personal favorites. Like Anne of Green Gables. And with the Hunger Games second movie out this year, I re-read the Hunger Games series, simply to better compare the two.

Favorite quote from 2013 {Reading List}


A new year: Opening the valve

Monday, December 30, 2013

A fresh beginning.  Isn't that a great feeling?

Knowing you can simply start again. Letting go of the previous day, even if it was a horrible, no-good, very bad kind of day?

What about when a new year approaches.  Do you see it as a chance to try again? To set goals and strive for them?

I love the holiday season, the rush, the excitement. And to be honest by the time New Year's comes around I'm tired.  Thinking of how to start the new year off tends to just push me over the edge.  But I do try to come up with some goals for the year.

This year, thanks to a great study I've been doing with a mom's study group (more on that in another post), I'm feeling the need to really "tap" into the power of the Holy Spirit. Honestly, I know I don't have the super-mom powers that some moms brag about on social media.

Supermom image {Reading List}

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