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Saturday, March 09, 2013

The question of why do you blog seems to be all over the place anymore.  And often the point boils down to sharing something with others - that would imply that the goal is to grow a community of people who enjoy reading what you're sharing.  So on that point, I am continuing to share blogs that I enjoy, and hope that you might as well.

This month I'm featuring There is Grace that is written by Nancy.   It is one of those blogs, that just gives you a small glimpse into someone's life and in the process you can feel a sense of camaraderie and inspiration because Nancy is so open and friendly. Her soul shines through her window of the web. 

Five Minute Fridays

Five Minute Friday: Home

Friday, March 08, 2013

So extremely glad for a Friday, just had one of those weeks - you know?  If you want a little excuse for a break, join in Lisa-Jo's Five Minute Friday, and just write without worry!  It's a great way to start your weekend!

Five Minute Friday


Home is the place I think of after life has knocked me around. It's that place that is comfortable and welcoming.  That place that is safe and will allow me to be - just be.

After I got married I was excited to finally be in charge of making a place a real home for a family. What an exciting job, right?  I could decide on furniture, and wall colors - the extras that would make it special.  Of course the best part was that I could change it with the season, meaning this new responsibility would be on going - which sounded great to me, at the time.

Then I had my oldest... I still enjoyed putting together a nursery, and keeping house.  Seeing his face as we would change a room for a new season or holiday.  And then came my baby...

I'm sure you know what I'm talking about, the will just seemed to get lost in the responsibility of daily stuff.

But the desire to create a home that will be comfortable, and welcoming - a place for my family to feel drawn to, safe and protected.  It beats continuously in my heart.

A place to belong

That desire is a reminder of my Creator - you see, He made me to be like Him.  And yes, He allows us to live in this wonderful creation of His - but His Home, that is the place that is comfortable and welcoming. And that Home, is what I was created for. So when life is hard, and I'm tired and worn out and the feeling to create a home that might allow my family to see a glimpse of the wondrous Home waiting for us all, that is what I must look to. And allow His creative homemaking talent pour out of me and onto my family.

Cozy book hop

Cozy Book Hop & The Invisible Woman

Thursday, March 07, 2013

The past week there were some extrememly encouraging notes from others, I hope you had a moment to enjoy them all.

I was inspired a few time this past week from the posts from Ann Voskamp - I'm guessing a bunch of you have already read these, but in the off chance that you missed them here's a video Ann shared over the weekend, and a guest post she hosted.  I hope you enjoy them!

Because when it is a bummer it might be perfect post written by Sheila Walsh.

Also, I'm in the middle, well closer to the end, of a series discussion on Shepherding a Child's Heart, I'd love to hear from you all on this topic, so check it out!

And now let's start the party for the hop!

The Cozy Book Hop is the a chance to share any posts you've recently (or not so recently) put together on any book, reading, or teaching someone to read. You can include posts where you've done crafts or projects inspired from a book. Any post on your Bible reading is also welcome. There is so much in our daily lives that branch from reading and the printed word, so share those moments here! 

I do ask that you link to a direct post (you are welcome to link more than one post) as a way to respect each other's time. And please include a link back to this party page so others can join in. The code for the button is on the sidebar but a text link is great too!  (if you link up using these two little requests, I'll give your post/blog a shout out on facebook and twitter this week!)

Please take a moment and visit those other posts this week- grab a cup of your favorite warm drink and get cozy!

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book series

Shepherding a Child's Heart: Part 3

Tuesday, March 05, 2013

So far we've looked at the responsibility we have as parents to discipline and disciple our kids as well as God's plan for parents to do this through communication and the rod, as discussed by Tedd Tripp in Shepherding a Child's Heart.

And I'll admit that Tedd Tripp's conviction over the need to include spankings was at some points a little hard to handle, as I personally, find it incredible unfair to spank.

Later on Tripp says "The when of spanking is so simple that parents miss it. If you child has not obeyed, he needs to be spanked. If he has failed to respond to your direction, he has moved out of the circle of safety." (149) How does that work? Seriously?


Shepherding a Child's Heart: Part 2

Monday, March 04, 2013

It doesn't take too long before that precious baby you brought home grows up enough to get into trouble. I mean let's face it, every human has a desire to know more, and for little kids that curious desire often leads to behavior that just cannot be tolerated.

While kids are still very young it is fairly easy to discipline by simply picking them up and literally moving them away from the temptation.  But soon enough that method just doesn't cut it, for so many reasons. It is in these moments that parents have to find a new way to discipline.

In Shepherding a Child's Heart, Tedd Tripp points out that we "must direct [our] children on God's behalf for their good" and that "children generally do no resist authority that is truly kind and selfless."  These concepts seem wonderful. They are nice things to say, but how do we as parents act on such statements?

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