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Five Minute Friday: Dive

Friday, January 11, 2013

Wow, it's been a long time since I've made the time for a FMF post!  And I've missed it.  The freedom to just allow words to flow and not worry that those reading will judge.  Thank you LisaJo for hosting such a fun exercise!

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Five Minute Friday


Now there's something I have signed up for: diving.


Allowing water to cover me completely just is not on my list of things to do. In fact it is on my list of things to avoid at all costs.

No swimming... so most certainly no diving! Why you ask? Well that just won't fit into a five minute post!

But maybe that fear, the fear of water engulfing me and not then keeping me from oxygen is part of the obstacles that have kept me from being able to feel that 100% connection to my True Life Giver.

What if I could dive into His Life Giving Waters without fear of where my next breath would come from?

What if I could leave the fear behind on the diving board and freely jump into His arms. Trusting and knowing that all, ALL, of my needs would be provided.

Heart in ocean
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It's easy to say it.

And yet here I stand, staring into the waters... wishing I just had some more trusting faith.

For now I'll focus on allowing Him to create a new heart in me, one that will not fear the jump, or rather, the dive.

Ann Voskamp

Cozy Book Hop & Words of Encouragement

Thursday, January 10, 2013

I've been asked how I find the time to read all these books while taking care of my little ones. And to be honest it isn't easy, because I cannot read during the day when it's just me and my boys. So for all those mamas out there that don't feel like they can read any books, because their schedule is so kid-focused. I find time on the weekends, during naps, after bedtimes... I'm a kindle user so I can read while I exercise! So there you have it, how I sneak in time to read while still being a mama.

In the past couple of weeks I've come across two extremely encouraging posts from some other blogging mommies.  I hope you find them encouraging also!


God's Dream

Tuesday, January 08, 2013

My youngest has taken a real liking to board books. He will get one off the shelf and carry to me in an effort to hear a story, even if he has to search the house for me... Then of course we spend a good amount of time reading the book and talking about the pictures.

This interest in books has translated to collecting books during our weekly library visit. Previously he was content to just play with a couple of the toys out and leave without ever looking at the books...

So we've come across some new books that I might have overlooked if not for his zealous desire to leave with a tall stack of books.

This week a sweet little book has captured our attention, God's Dream, by Archbishop Desmond Tutu and Douglas Carlton Abrams. This though-provoking children's story is illustrated by LeUyen Rham, and the pictures are perfect for little minds, as they lend themselves to many "do you see...?" and "look at that little boy..." time.   

The message of the book looks at the heart of God and how to understand God we have to look with our hearts, not our eyes. So I'm not sure the message is translating to my one-year-old, but he loves the pictures. My almost four-year-old enjoys the opening phrases that talk about our dreams, as he's starting to realize that his dreams are different than the reality of day - and the idea that God dreams fascinates him.

I like that the book reminds us that when we cry, God cries with us. And to wipe these tears away we need to forgive others. Such important bits of truth I'd like to hide away in my kids hearts for future need. 

The book ends with a simple question: "Will you help God's dream come true?" (Tweet this) And the answer is that we need to focus on loving others, sharing, forgiving and being friends with others, even if they appear different from us.

Image from publisher

The last page displays a rainbow, which my boys love. So I'm hoping to do a rainbow craft  (a simple idea, or an ambitious idea) to help keep these topics up for discussion even when we don't have the book open in our laps.

Reading List rating:

Are you teaching your kids to be open to others even if they appear different? Are you using books and stories to help with this concept? Do you try to do crafts and projects after reading a story that really captivates your little ones? 



Monday, January 07, 2013

Desperate: Hope for the Mom Who Needs to Breathe

By Sarah Mae and Sally Clarkson

It is no secret that being a mom is hard work, at least not for me when I headed down the road to motherhood. I was prepared for the work, at least I thought so. 

Then all the emotional and mental work started to show up. And the weight sat on me day and night. 

Sure I could mention to other moms around me that it was hard, and they would nod their heads, smile, maybe remind me that it doesn't last forever, enjoy it while it lasts, that kind of thing. And of course I felt the pressure all the more. I mean, maybe I was doing it wrong!

So I plugged on, and found myself desperate for a chance to breathe daily - know what I'm saying?

Colossians 1

Feature: Simply Helping Him

Sunday, January 06, 2013

When I was new-new blogger, I spent way too much time searching for blogs to draw inspiration from, and it was hard to find ones that really spoke to me. I wished there were bloggers that would point me towards good blogs to gain community with - something besides a list of buttons... nothing against the buttons - now I am super grateful to see a list on blogs I enjoy!  So anyway, I'm continuing my monthly features as a way to share blogs I find inspiration from, blogs that might not be as popular as some, but are just as Inspired.

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