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Saturday, June 01, 2013

There is something so magical about June, at least for me.  As a child it was the month that school ended; it was the month my family went on our annual beach vacation; it presented a blank canvas of summer to fill.  Now as an adult, some of the thrill might be gone, but still creating that canvas to fill with my kids brings some of the magic back.

And this June I'm glad to share with you a blog that truly has inspired me over the months. Sunflower Faith offers a place to laugh while feeling like someone else knows just how hard life can be sometimes, even when life is just full of daily responsibilities.  I hope you can find some time this month to visit Sunflower Faith and leave a message of encouragement.

Sunflower Faith was started to share a mix of sarcasm, silliness, seriousness and sunshine where possible; Sharing words of hope from God's word, a love and passion for books and coffee and prayers of inspiration and encouragement where possible, what started as a small place in the blogging world to post personal thoughts and devotions, has become an outlet for encouraging others not only to pursue God's with with an intentional faith, but to keep alive as well a love for reading His word and books in general.

As it is summed up on the blog,  the site is "..... about a passion for books, devotionals, memes, and our Father in Heaven and His Word as it is shared in the Bible," as can be seen throughout the book reviews, the weekly posts about the latest bible study or even bible being used or reviewed.

Here's a small sample of what can be found at "Sunflower Faith" such as:
Photo from Design Ability

Rather it is about coffee, something small to lift up your day and give you a laugh, or maybe encouragement from God's word, "Sunflower Faith" is about encouraging and pursuing an intentional faith in our Father in Heaven and to seek Him through life, through prayer and through His word.

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After you visit Sunflower Faith, stop back here and share what you loved, I love to hear your thoughts!  Also if you are interested in being a featured blog, let me know- message me on facebook, or send me an email.

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