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Saturday, May 04, 2013

I would like to introduce to you all a part of the Reading List Community. Tracy has been linking up on and off with the Cozy Reading Spot, and would like the chance to meet you all. So take a few moments this month to share some love on her little corner of the world, if you wouldn't mind, as Poetics of Life is the feature blog of the month!

Also, if you are interested in sharing your corner of the blog world with the Reading List community, send me an email - there's a link in the side bar. I'd love to showcase you!

Ahoy there, my name is Tracy.  I live two miles west of Lake Michigan in a small village/town in Wisconsin.  I currently am living with my mother and younger sister.  I am a young Christian woman who is currently engaged to a most wonderful godly man and to be married June 22! 

My utmost future dream is to be a Homemaker (a stay at home wife/mother). Handling household responsibilities on a daily basis and to homeschool.  I am caring, easy to get along with, kind, loving, tender, trustworthy, and I love God most of all!  I also enjoy spending time with family and friends. I am very active and I have a very creative imagination. Some of my favorite outdoor activities are going on nature hikes, walking along Lake Michigan's beaches, sailing/power boating, bicycle riding, rollerblading, swimming, horseback riding, playing a little basketball, and much more! Other activities I enjoy doing are creating graphic artwork/music videos, dancing, martial arts, reading, sewing, and writing inspiring poetry.
Poetics of Life is a blog created mainly for my inspiring poetry I have written in the past and for any future poems I will create.  I also have on my blog a little side business called TLC Pet Sitter for those who live nearby me who don’t want to take their pets to a shelter, but keep them home.  In the past couple of years I have been helping an author, MaryLu Tyndall, by reading her novels, writing reviews and then sharing to others around about the wonderful work she put into writing each of her novels.  This made me expand my blog to posting book reviews and promoting from time to time when a new book is to be released by her.  I have even shared if another blog is having a giveaway, a book discussion, recipes and many others things to soon share.  This blog is slowly but surely expanding to other things for me to share.

Here are some great posts from my poetry to anything else to check out:


Book Reviews:

I even have a Facebook Page for Poetics of Life- drop by and say hi.

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