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Thursday, April 11, 2013

After some time of thought and prayer, I have decided to expand the focus of Cozy Book Hop.  After a few people have commented to me about wanting to link up, but don't because they do not write posts that fit into the criteria. So here's to a new beginning with Cozy Book Hop...

Every Thursday will still be hop day, and there will be the same link up for the Book Hop as usual. Because let's face it, the bulk of this community loves to read and that is what we write about.  And I love to read those posts from all of you!

The addition will be a second link up, and in this new link up, I hope you will all link up posts that from your heart.  Whatever post you recently wrote that moved you.

My thoughts are that since we all love to read, we will love to read what you are writing.

So please link up like crazy this week!

Oh and share this hop with your friends, so they can enjoy the expansion. We enjoy reading, and in order to read, we need writers (don't get me wrong, I consider all of us bloggers as writers).

So here's to Cozy Reading Spot Hop!

As usual I will give shout outs on facebook and twitter to those of you who link to a direct post, and include a link back on your post (the button code is on the sidebar, but a text link is also great).

And if you could find the time to stop by at least one other post that would be awesome. I'm hoping to feature a couple of the most popular posts next week.

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