Cozy Book Hop & Update on Reading Lists

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Alright so we are done with two whole months in 2013, I think it's time to talk about our accomplishments so far. Sure we made plans that just aren't going to happen, but I'm sure you've all been doing tons of other things. Or you are one of those that does make a list and follows through. Either way, it's time to share!  So after you link up below for the Cozy Book Hop, leave a comment with a link to a post that tells us how your 2013 goals are coming, or what you've been doing. Here's your chance to brag!

As far as myself, I started off the year great!  Kept up with my reading goals (five books finished, three in progress...). I was super excited to be part of a group posting over at Simply Helping Him, and my first post went live a few weeks ago. I even made a new daily "docket" (let me know if you're interested in seeing it - thinking about putting a free link up in my facebook group...) to help organize my days. I got in a few crafts with my boys and started to master my fears of using my fancy camera.

Then in the last two weeks I ran into a wall!  Life just started to need more TLC so to speak. All my daily objectives changed, and well it was crazy. But I've muddled through and now am ready to start the next phase of the year!  (Oh did I mention that part of the craziness included preschool shopping for my oldest?)

So now that you have heard my update, it's time to link up and party with some books.

The Cozy Book Hop is the a chance to share any posts you've recently (or not so recently) put together on any book, reading, or teaching someone to read. You can include posts where you've done crafts or projects inspired from a book. Any post on your Bible reading is also welcome. There is so much in our daily lives that branch from reading and the printed word, so share those moments here!

I do ask that you link to a direct post (you are welcome to link more than one post) as a way to respect each other's time. And please include a link back to this party page so others can join in. The code for the button is on the sidebar but a text link is great too!  (if you link up using these two little requests, I'll give your post/blog a shout out on facebook and twitter this week!)

Oh and because I'm enjoying reading all your posts every week I wanted to include a good one from last week (did you stop by to read those fellow blogger's posts?).  Misty from Mimi's House left a great post on Unglued, make sure to check it out.

Please take a moment and visit those other posts this week- grab a cup of your favorite warm drink and get cozy!

And don't forget after you link up to leave a comment to a post with a 2013 update of any kind - perfect time to brag on what you've been working towards.

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