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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Here's to another week of reading!

Last week's most popular post was from The Proverbs 31 Sanctuary - A revelation in a growing desire to be hospitable. 

Personally I really enjoyed the beginning to the Desperate Book Study posts. If you are reading Desperate, or interested in it, this could be the perfect time to give it a chance. Of course I understand schedules don't always permit, but you could always take note and come back when you do have the time!

Desperate Blog Tour - desperatemoms.comMovement -

Please feel free to link up any post you have on reading and books -

This can include lists of books you want to read - books your kids are reading - how you are teaching little one to read - what you read in your Bible this week... the options are limitless!

Please link to the direct post, not just your blog. 

If you could stop by some of the others linking up that would be wonderful, as I am hoping to build a community of readers here, not just a pit stop...

And if you add in a link back to the hop (the button code is on the sidebar, but a text link is great too), I'll give you a shout out on Facebook and Twitter...

So let the party begin

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