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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Here's to another week being almost done.  My week has been long, as my youngest is struggling to allow pre-molars through his baby gums. As a result sleep has become a precious commodity for this mama. And therefore this little space of mine has been let go of, in hopes of catching little naps.  So here's to a weekend that will allow some catch up sleep - and that you will be able to find a moment to re-energize in order to begin a new week soon.

I didn't spend the same amount of time exploring other corners of the blog world, but this little post grabbed me - I hope you find something in it as well.

We are refreshed when we abide. 
What does that even mean? Simply this: tenaciously clinging  to Him. In the moments you feel like giving up, you want to crawl back under the covers and wish the day away, you want to “numb out” sitting in front of the computer, fill the pain with food, or watch TV, He calls, quietly, “Abide in Me.”  Thank you Joy for sharing this with us!

As far as this week in the Book Hop - it was close, but the most popular post was from Keri - and it was a great post. She shares her book list for 2013 - it is quite ambitious!  Thanks Keri for sharing with us!

Let's go for another week of linking up our book/reading posts!  This is your chance to highlight you thoughts on any book you've wanted to talk about, but no one seems to be around to listen.  

Again, please link directly to a post, not just your site. 

And please include a link back here, or the button (the code is in the sidebar).

If you follow both of these rules, I try to give you a good shout out on fb and twitter sometime during the week...

And because we want to build a community of book enthusiasts, check out some of the other posts. The hop is open all week, so no rush!

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