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Thursday, January 24, 2013

I don't know about you, but this week, with temperatures at the lowest in a couple of years, I found it hard to really take in what I was reading. My heart just didn't seem to care as it tried to stay warm. There were some wonderful words put out there for us to soak in and gain from, and yet all my heart could do was try to warm up.

And now the weather is changing - at least where I am - so I can refocus and soak in some of the Word and your words, and see where the next week takes me!

Here's a post from Erika that did break through my super cold mood and struck a cord this week. An example of someone actually living out all the rhetoric of stopping and praying in the midst of mothering. A great example if you are in such a season.

Image from Erika Dawson

And the most popular post from last week's hop - Les Miserables: A Story of Grace from Nancy.  I enjoyed her overview of the characters, but in fairness, she does give away some of the end points, so if you would rather not have that spoiled stay away... otherwise...

A story on grace
Image from ThereIsGrace
So now it's your turn to link up your posts on books and reading and all that is included in that. I've enjoyed how creative you are with posts, how a character from a book reminds you of a new person in your life... So really link up all those fun stories about reading, I can't wait.

Just a few little requests:
Please link to a direct post, not just your homepage, we want to get straight to your story about books and reading. We know your time is precious, so please respect that ours is too.

Also add a linkback in some fashion to the post you've linked - the button code is in the sidebar, and text links are always fine too. 

If you do these two small little things I'll give you a shout out on Facebook and Twitter - to see these shout outs follow me!  

And in the spirit of community, which isn't that why you are linking up, please check out some of the other posts when you have a moment.

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