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Travelers Rest

Saturday, August 04, 2012

Travelers Rest
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Travelers Rest
By Ann Tatlock

This book was a great summer read for me, it was easy to read and overall very uplifting. For a Contemporay Christian Fiction book this is one that isn't overly preachy while telling a great story of how life just isn't always fair.

The story follows Jane Marrow as she learns how to live her life after her fiance, Seth Ballantine, is wounded in Iraq. She spends the summer in Asheville near the Veterans Medical Center as Seth learns how to live his life now as a quadriplegic. So there might not be a ton of surprises in this amazing work of fiction, but it was still perfect for me!

I loved how Tatlock really made each character so rich. There was no doubt that I could see these people living this stage of their lives, wishing for the past, or a different future, trying to find a way to cope with the reality of where they now stood. The idea of realizing your life's dream was not going to happen and knowing you have to let it go is the ultimate question that Jane, Seth and so many in this book have to deal with. The concept might not be new, but the story was woven together in a manner that made that alright.

Jane makes some new friends while she spends time in the medical center that enrich her life. It seemed as though these friends were God-sends as she struggles with a past that taints her opinion of the world and an unsure future as Seth wants to end their engagement so as not to sentence her to a life as caregiver. One new friend was Truman Rockaway, who's past is extremely interesting. He has the kind of calming personality that those of an older generation can have and brings so much wisdom and understanding to Jane as she navigates this new normal. Jane also befriends Jon-Paul Pearcy, an attorney, who plays the piano at the medical center to decompress from the demands of his job.
Drum Circle at Pritchard Park, Asheville, NC
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Plus the use of God in the story is subtle but perfect. One of the best lines of the book was spoken by Truman as he tried to answer Jane's question about prayer. He told Jane, "He'll surely answer if He can." (147) Later we find out that even Truman only got this statement half right, but I don't want to spoil that part for you.

I highly recommend this book if you are looking for a great fictional story that fits in with Christian values and American pride.

If you have read this book let me know what you thought! I'd love to discuss it with you! If you've read one of Tatlock's other books and want to share your thoughts, please do, I'd love to hear them.

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*** I received this book from Bethany House Publishers in exchange for an honest review only. The review is solely my opinion. ***

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Five Minute Fridays: Here

Friday, August 03, 2012

Time for Five Minute Fridays!  Take a few minutes and join in on the fun!

Five Minute Friday


Here I sit, cross-legged, amid Cheerios and toys.

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Here I sit with one arm balancing a little boy who desperately wants to walk, with the other I give high-fives off and on to his older brother, so full of energy.

Here I sit wondering... dreaming...

Here I see the future spread out in front of me.

My days fill with laughter, giggles, cries, yells, sounds of all kinds, and yet here I am still dreaming of what is next. I see his little two-toothed grin and wonder when he will be running after his brother for that red fire engine instead of just staring and wishing for it.

I wonder when the preschooler energy will give way to a young boy who wants to study science and read books.

I wonder where our here will be when those days come... what I will be doing... will I still be sitting here with my legs crossed?

Then in a flash the here and now snaps me back into reality, as this two-toothed little boy stops being happy and starts to get hungry, and his older brother stops playing just long enough to ask for lunch.

And this moment passes...

Oh and because the whole time I was writing this song ran through my head I wanted to add it!  I hope you enjoy it!


Go Dog Go! And Cozy Book Hop

Thursday, August 02, 2012

The beginning reading books can be a little boring, at least in my memory they are. There are some though that are great, and Go, Dog. Go! is one of the great ones. The words are simple, the pictures describe the words completely and there is a ton of repetition.

Go, Dog. Go!: P.D. Eastman's Book of Things That Go
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It is also a great book to add words to your child's vocabulary. It is easy to see the meaning of words like up, on, in, and under in this fun book.

We have been reading this book for a good two years, as my son has always loved the dogs going fast to big tree party.

The only part that strikes me every time we read it is the section about the hat - and if "you like my hat" exchange between two dogs. Nope don't get it! But it usually provides a laugh so that's good enough for me!
Do you have a favorite beginner book that you read to your kid even though he isn't really at the reading stage? Do you find this stage of books less than stellar? Do you understand the hat sections of Go, Dog. Go!?


And since it is Thursday, why not join us for another Cozy Book Hop?  Last week was pretty good, I was thrilled to see the turn out. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that more will link up this week. Again the whole point is to simply share any post about reading, at any stage, any kind. So here's to another great week!

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Guest post

August Blogs

Wednesday, August 01, 2012

I'm breaking from my normal schedule this week because I'm taking part in a great exchange of blog buttons, and wanted to start with introducing this month's blog. So let's start at the beginning - Kathy, from Cornerstone Confessions, set up a great exchange of blog buttons to help out us smaller blogs to gain some extra attention.


I have the pleasure of displaying a button from the blog From Cube to Farm for the month of August.

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You will probably realize quickly that our blogs are not all that similar, but we do have some basic similarities since we are stay-at-home mamas learning how to excel at this job that has no guide.

So if you have the time this month, hop over to From Cube to Farm, and see what you think.

Here are some of the posts that I found interesting:
Home protection: Fire Safety
Home "School" plus Free Printables
Weaning Baby Cold-Turkey

Thanks for allowing me to take this small break from my usual blogging schedule and sharing this blog with you!  I hope you get to enjoy a trip over there.


Coubertin Quote

Monday, July 30, 2012

The most important thing in the 
Olympic Games is not winning 
but taking part; 
the essential thing in life is 
not conquering but fighting well.
~~ Pierre de Coubertin

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