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Five Minute Friday: Perspective

Friday, May 18, 2012

Welcome to another Friday - you know what that means? Time for five minutes of free writing, no editing, no research, just writing.

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Today's topic: Perspective... 

Isn't it interesting to think about the way we look at thing? Each person sees things differently. Why is that?

Could it have everything to do with our memories? Like Christmas - some people see it as the best holiday of the year. All the joy, all the specialness that comes with it. While other people hate it- the busyness, the extra work, the money spent.

Who created those memories? Did we, ourselves, at some point decide to remember one Christmas in way that wasn't as much fun and that stayed with us? Or was it a bunch of disappointing Christmases over the years?
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What about summer? Kids can't wait for summer - vacations, pools, time outside, no school - the list can go on and on. Yet for some adults it's just another season - one that they have to budget for, find extra childcare for, or extra ways to keep their kids from getting bored. Then again there are adults that love summer as much, if not more than kids - why is that?

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Is perspective because of our memories? Do we get to choose our memories just like we can choose to change our perspective?

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