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Saturday, May 05, 2012

So my Friday was super crazy busy and I'm doing this on Saturday - ooops!  No big deal.
In case you missed last weeks, I've decided to try (for awhile at least) to be part of Five Minute Fridays - it's a fun way to write without worry over time, just write for five minutes - don't go back and edit and such. It's a fun way for me to release, so I hope you enjoy!


Real is something I'm always craving - maybe we all are.

I plan on how I'm going to be before going somewhere and then when I get there I try to be real. Yet I slip into that me that is my best social me. You know what I'm talking about right? The person that is you, but buffered so that you will be liked, or accepted, or whatever.

For me, those real moments happen with friends. The friends that I have lived life with. The ones that have been there as life happens and the real has no choice but to be exposed. Like through deaths, tears, tests, homework, new jobs, new life phases, all those life events that are so real there is no other way to be through them.

My real right now is understanding that learning to eat is a process that is messy. My baby is just starting that phase. And it's messy. But then again isn't all the real learning steps of life?

Maybe that's the secret - learning to be real is going to be messy. Messy is just a part of learning, and for some reason, at least for me, being real is something that needs to be practiced, learned, done over and over, with new people, even when it is uncomfortable.

Hope you enjoyed this Five Minute Friday (Saturday) writing release!  If you decide to be part of it, let me know so I can check your writing out - just leave a comment with the link!

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