Weekly Favorites #6

Tuesday, December 04, 2012

This has been one crazy week for me, but I figure it's because of the extra items on my to-do list for the Christmas season. It is amazing that I think I might be able to do squeeze more into my life for a month... Anyway, here are my top three this week!

Granted my little ones are still not in school, however it is quickly approaching. As a result I've been reading tons of different articles on schools and our kids' education in general. This article caught my attention - half because of the article and half because of the great discussion occurring in the comments.

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I stumbled across this great post this week from Second Change to Dream and loved the message. Barb laid out her take on her current Bible study, and I'd say her message is worth reading for everyone.
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I am a huge fan of The MOB Society, as a mommy of boys, it comes in handy to have a place to turn that is full of understanding mamas. Anyway, this week they helped me smile with this great post Confessions from B.K. I hope you laughed like I did!
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Here are a few of my favorites this week - I hope you enjoy them.  If you came across a great post let me know! I'd love to check it out

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